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Public Procurements

Mäklartjänster - Dynamiskt inköpssystem 2022-12-15 70100000: Real estate services with own property
70123000: Sale of real estate
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DIS - Konsulttjänster inom ekonomi, redovisning och controlling 2022-12-14 79200000: Accounting, auditing and fiscal services
79210000: Accounting and auditing services
79211000: Accounting services
79412000: Financial management consultancy services
79610000: Placement services of personnel
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Arkitekttjänster - DIS 2022-12-30 71000000: Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services
71200000: Architectural and related services
71220000: Architectural design services
71221000: Architectural services for buildings
71242000: Project and design preparation, estimation of costs
71244000: Calculation of costs, monitoring of costs
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